Find a home to lease.

A realtor can help you navigate the rental market The amount of time it will take you to find a rental depends on several factors, including local market conditions, the specifics of the rental you're looking for, and your own qualifications as a renter. A realtor can help you sort through the details and find the home that's right for you.

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8 Steps to leasing your dream home

  • 1. Define your requirements with your Agent.
  • 2. Search for properties at
  • 3. Narrow your list with your agent.
  • 4. Have your agent schedule showings.
  • 5. Pick your favorite property.
  • 6. Submit Rental Application.
  • 7. Submit Lease Offer.
  • 8. Sign your Lease.


buying a foreclosure
Everyone wants the best deal when buying a house. No one wants to overpay for his future home. We’ve all seen news stories about the large number of foreclosed homes for sale. Let one of our REALTORS┬« help you determine if buying a foreclosure is the right strategy for you.

Money: Buyers must be financially qualified and ready to buy. The best properties go quickly. Buyers must look strong to lenders.
Motivation: Buyers must be motivated to compete successfully. Our agents urge their buyers in this market to be clear about both their motivating why" and their criteria for the property itself (size, location, condition, floor plan, etc.)
Location: Contrary to the rumors, prime buying opportunities exist in almost every neighborhood and price range.
Condition: Buyers should understand that repair costs are not necessarily large. The Agency Distressed Property Buying Survey shows the average cost to repair to be $5,000 that' less than 3 percent of the median purchase price in the U.S. today.
Expert Help: Finally, smart buyers know they need to be even smarter so they become a team with a local expert agent who knows local property, pricing, lenders, and the best listing agents.
what's new?
New mortgage rules change the game for Borrowers and Banks
In an effort to stabilize the mortgage market after the housing crisis, lending has become a constantly evolving practice...
Sales of previously owned homes hit highest in 3-1/2 years
U.S. home resales rose in April to the highest level in nearly 3-1/2 years as surging prices lured sellers back into market, which should support the housing sector and the overall economic recovery.
mortgage calculator

Use our mortgage calculator to get a good idea of project monthly payments.

Your monthly payment will be one of the most important elements of homeownership. Month in and out you'll have to make a payment that you will have to be able to make to you mortgage lender. The payment consist of four elements.

These elements are called PITI:
P - Principal
I - Interest
T - Taxes
I - Insurance

Mortgage Calculator